Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jason Todd Domino Maks

In one of the fastest and least documented props i've ever done, I attempted to create the domino mask worn by "jason todd" in the "hush" series.

Unfortunately, during the past semester i've been slowly becoming more and more swamped with school work, so when i was requested to make this item, i just kind of plowed through the project without thinking too much about documenting my work.

But i'll try my best to give you the run down as to how it went.
Similar to the Wild tiger mask i started with a clay sculpt. Unlike the wild tiger mask, i used "monster clay" from Monster Mask makers.

If you're an up and coming prop or costume maker, and you think you might want to do mask work, i would recommend checking Monster Makers out. they have a ton of mask making stuff as well as some cool info on the how to process. But with that said, it did take over 12 weeks for my order to be shipped to me, which as far as shipping things goes, has been the worst so far.

anyways, after i smoothed the sculpt out, i made a fun little mold of it. all of this, apparently, had not been documented (although i thought i had ?!?!?!)

then i made a series of casts using Dragon Skin FX pro. this stuff was better than the other Dragon Skin i originally used because it was more flexible and didn't require any slacker to be needed. Thanks to my previous work with the Wild Tiger mask, i kinda learned what to do, and what not to do so that i was able to make only three casts (two of which were requested), which means my success rating had increased dramatically. hurrah! Less waste, more stuff!

the finished product looked a little something like this.

I was not satisfied with the end result of this mask. Originally i wasn't going to post it at all, but I figured i should show something at least, even if it is just self progression. The main thing that i was not satisfied about this mask was that it was not symmetrical (a huge pet peeve of mine) and that the casting process still seems far more difficult than it needs to be. I think i've figured out a way to cut down on casting time and fix the process on the whole, but we'll see if I'm correct when I come back to make more and different masks later (oh yes, there will be more). 

I didn't charge my commissioner for the mask in the end cause i didn't think i would live up to his expectations (as it definitely didn't live up to mine), but if anyone is interested getting their own copy of the mask, please feel free to e-mail. Otherwise this bad boy will be hitting the storage closet, never to be seen again.

thanks for tuning in! There will be more to come soon. LOTS MORE! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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  1. Nice work! Do you still have the template? I´m making a Jason Todd costume myself, and your mask would look perfect with the outfit.