Behind the Scenes

First let me say welcome to Blarg!

This is just a place to present my hobby to the world. I'm not really in this for money, or prestige, or anything like that (although those are very cool things). I do this for the challenge. Bringing things that are  generally considered fictional into reality has it's challenges. granted these are not perfect replications. at best i think i'll only ever be able to look the part, but that in it's self can be challenging and what i love it. 

Sometimes i succeed, and it's awesome. Other times fail miserably and i rage, pout and am generally unhappy. But despite the outcome, it's all a process. one that you only get glimpses at in my posts, and one that you can watch in it's entirety on tinychat. Along side with some other awesome prop makers, I enjoy streaming my progess live. The idea is so that we can chat amongst ourselves, asking questions, talking about what works, what doesn't, how we did things and why. If this is something that interests you, please come visit. the more the merrier! 

One last thing. my posts are going to be erratic at best. like many people, I'm juggling a ton of other  at once, and unfortunately, prop making is one of the lower ones on the totem pole. Maybe once i get better at this, and start making some real cash i'll get to be more consistent, but for now, it's going to be all over the map.

anyways, i hate posts with out lots of pictures so here's one that sums up this blog nicely.